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SPEaking COAch


Are you ready to go to the next level in your speaking career? 

Do you want to help Audiences heal the hurt? 

If you're ready to allow your story to change the story of the world. Take the leap and move your life to the next chapter of Success. 

As an Award Winning speaker that has gone from Poverty to Prosperity.

I have studied communication in a way that Connects to audiences and undoubtedly Corrects misconceptions that Poverty is simply the hand we have been dealt. Over 25 Years as a Social Change Agent I Pushed Past the Pain of my Past and Pursued a passion for Prosperity.  “Speaking Saved my life” Why not let it save yours.

Image by Katie Harp

Keynote Speaker


Twanda is your keynote Speaker she ignites passion her connection to the audience is inspirational and transformative. She is captivating and her message of hope is healing. In the 2011 International Speech My Gift Twanda reminds the audience that gratitude, sincere appreciation are the true gift.


Speaking Coach


SPEAK - The acronym for the Sincere Passionate Entertain Authentic Kinesthetic communication.  Twanda has served many teens assisting them with claiming their voice.  The innovator of this Public Speaking model teaches you how to craft your story in a way that motivates others.

 Want to book twanda to speak at your next event?

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