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“Life doesn’t just happen to you it happens for you to learn grow help and heal”

- Twanda Clark 



Author - Writer - Motivational Speaker - Social Change Agent

I know pain, what it means to live with purpose passion and how to turn that into prosperity.

Pain Purpose Passion Prosperity 


I went from being the introverted girl who sat in the back of the class room in emotional Pain, living in fear, and afraid of being bullied.  That fear would not only take place in the back of the classroom but it would cripple me in life Whispering that I would never be successful because of the hand life had dealt me.  

One day A teacher gave me a book, and asked me to recite a passage in class. I realized in that moment my Purpose was to SPEAK! Never again would I allow life to silence me. Whenever I heard that Whisper that I wasn’t good enough! I used speaking as a method to counter, and would speak back “I am more than Good Enough!”

With a degree in Communication, and a Proven process of a Speaking strategy that has changed the trajectory of my life and the many I have worked with.  I know Changing your life is a choice! Prosperity has nothing to do with the hand you have been dealt, but everything to do with being clear about your purpose and passionate enough to remember that it’s not about how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you rise up. Life has certainly Knocked me down; But each time I RISE I am wiser, and wealthier, and you will be also. 


"Push Past Pain live with Purpose and Prosper”

- Twanda Clark 

Change your life by becoming 10 times the better Speaker you are Today!

Change your life by becoming 10 times the better Trainer you are Today!

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